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Freek Van Wensen


The people behind Lieuwe have managed to bring a very distinctive product to a niche market. Pure handmade kiteboards, considered by many to be the best on the market. An epic brand. For such small companies bringing their brand to beautiful spots worldwide, international protection is quite a challenge. So, we like to take a step up and see where we can help each other. Work meets passion!!!
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Ferm IP

We manage the global portfolio for FERM. FERM develops and designs (machine) tools and has existed for more than 50 years. It  has been active for years also in difficult markets such as Asia and Africa where intellectual property protection is not self-evident and costly. But a personal, pragmatic approach and a considerable reduction in costs made FERM decide to switch to us.
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Patanjali IP

We are particularly proud that we manage the European trademark portfolio of one of the largest Indian companies and are regularly consulted on a variety of intellectual property matters. Patanjali focuses on human health through food and natural health products. Having a university of its own, Pantanjali transformed from a company into a health institute on its own.
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Liance Legal

We are affiliated with LIANCE LEGAL and we are often invited by one of the 'business lawyers' to advise on intellectual property issues. And vice versa, VanWensenIP clients can rely on the extensive experience of the external legal counsels and lawyers of LIANCE LEGAL. We can strongly recommend this flexible legal department for internationally oriented companies.
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Kitsch Kitchen IP

We manage KITSCH KITCHEN's trademark portfolio worldwide and regularly act against infringements of brands and popular designs. ”Protecting our brand and our creations is important for Kitsch Kitchen and therefore it requires the necessary attention. We are pleased with the pleasant cooperation with Freek. Without any fuss and in a pleasant, personal way he takes care of these matters for us. Ingelies StraatemeierKitsch Kitchen
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EGG is a revolutionary new helmet for children. But no matter how innovative, beautiful or special the product is, it can infringe on existing rights. For example, research for EGG led to a more specific patent application. Successful negotiations have finally cleared the trademark. Experienced guidance by VanWensenIP has been essential for a start-up as EGG to keep costs manageable when avoiding obstacles. ”I have known Freek for years as a very reliable, contributing and flexible...
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Beeztees IP

We manage the worldwide trademark and design portfolio. Beeztees is a genuine family business, active worldwide and especially innovative in the whole range of pet products. ”Freek knows how to unburden us optimally for all model and trademark registrations. He guides us in our decision-making process in an open and honest manner and in an understandable language. Job van RielManaging director Beeztees
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Trefecta IP

Trefecta is the most innovative ebike worldwide. Its technology, brand and design has been protected in many countries worldwide. Take a ride! ”Trefecta and I personally are very positive about the advice, service and execution of all the IP registration proceedings by VanWensenIP. In the first phase of development of our company it was essential for our small team to focus on the day to day business while being able to rely on the professional...
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