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Consultancy case

Patanjali IP

We are particularly proud that we manage the European trademark portfolio of one of the largest Indian companies and are regularly consulted on a variety of intellectual property matters. Patanjali focuses on human health through food and natural health products. Having a university of its own, Pantanjali transformed from a company into a health institute on its own.
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Liance Legal

We are affiliated with LIANCE LEGAL and we are often invited by one of the 'business lawyers' to advise on intellectual property issues. And vice versa, VanWensenIP clients can rely on the extensive experience of the external legal counsels and lawyers of LIANCE LEGAL. We can strongly recommend this flexible legal department for internationally oriented companies.
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USG People IP

USG People is a multi brand temporary employment agency with a large international brand portfolio including well-known brands such as Start People and Unique. We have organized a pitch for this organization, resulting in substantial cost savings and service improvement. Because of our experience, we can compare the reputable trademark agencies with each other. We ask the right questions and look through general pricing. Are you a client at a patent office or at one...
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